Why Would So Many People Rather Be Dead Than Speak in Front of an Audience?
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Learn How to Give the Best Presentation of Your Life

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Your boss has asked you to give a presentation on your work at the next company meeting. You tell her you'd be happy to. But that sinking sensation in the pit of your stomach tells you otherwise. You want to run away to some place, any place far away. And you think, "Oh no! What did I do to deserve this? Somebody, anybody, please save me."

The day of your presentation arrives. Fifty people are gathered, waiting for you to begin. Your boss introduces you in glowing terms. You get up slowly from your chair and walk to the front of the room, notes in hand. You arrive in the lectern, place your notes down, and look out at the gathering of faces before you. Then it happens.

The palms of your hands suddenly grow cold and clammy. Your mouth goes dry as parched sand. Your knees wobble a bit. You shift from one foot to the other. And your mind goes blank like a person dazed and confused. You stammer for a second or two and let out a couple of ums and ahs. You look down at your notes and launch into your talk as best you can.

Somehow, you manage to get through it. But you think, “Never again. Not for all the money in the universe do I want to go through that again.”

Well, relax. You don’t have to read on.

What Makes Talking in Front of Others So Bad?

It's the anxiety and fear of failing in front of others. Stand-up comic and television star, Jerry Seinfeld, once quipped, "Most people would rather be dead than speak in public. So I guess if there's a funeral, you're better off in the coffin than giving the eulogy."

It doesn’t have to be that way. Not any more, thanks to How to Give the Best Presentation of Your Life, brought to you by Dr. Joanne G. Sujansky, Founder and CEO of KEYGroup.

As she tells it, “Speaking isn’t always a talent people are born with. But it is definitely a skill you can learn.”

Dr. Sujansky has distilled what she has learned on her way to becoming a professional speaker. And based on her own experience and the hundreds of clients she has consulted with over the past 25 years, she has created How to Give the Best Presentation of Your Life.

You don’t have to be a speaking professional to benefit from her experience. But chances are, your forward career path depends on your ability to speak publicly. Like it or not, your next promotion may come not because of how smart you are, but on how well you get your message across to others

That’s why you need How to Give the Best Presentation of Your Life – the e-book that provides you with everything you need to start maximizing your presentation skills. Here are just some of the skills you will learn when you read this e-book:

  • 3 Best Ways to Prepare for Your Presentation.
  • How to Establish a Commanding Presence in 5 Seconds.
  • The Best Voice Level for You.
  • What Singers Know About Breathing That You Should Know.
  • How to Use Words that Create Resonance and Receptivity.
  • Responding to Audience Questions with Maximum Impact.

But that’s not all. When you order How to Give the Best Presentation of Your Life, you’ll also receive free of charge KEYNotes, the e-zine from KEYGroup! Each month, you’ll get her latest tips on a host of practical business issues.

So don’t wait. Take the next step and start adding life and enthusiasm to your presentations. Order your copy now of Dr. Sujansky’s How to Give the Best Presentation of Your Life and boost your career momentum.
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